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Elite Workout

Boys & Girls | Individual & Small Group Practices

Individual practices (1-2 players) and Small Group practices (3-6 players) are designed for athletes with potential, but who have the ambition to pursue the sport further in the future. Some of the elements that will be coached are: how to get open, pivot and fakes in the reception of the ball, dribble, fakes in the dribble, penetration, shot after the dribble, jump shot with photo analysis, improving, different scoring technique, low post techniques, games 1-1, 1-1+(1), 2-2, 2-2+(1) Pick & Roll game, 3x3 basic offense concepts and game readings, different passing technique and basic defense technique. We strongly recommend that each club team player should do at least one or two additional Skills and/or Shooting practices per week.


The new Shooting Gun Machine is used for shooting correction and automatization.

The skills practices are on Tuesdays and Thursdays (7 am), and shooting practices are on Wednesdays (3:30 pm) and Saturdays (2:15 pm). Strength practices are on Wednesdays (2:45 pm) and Saturdays (1 pm), or at any other available gym time.

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