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Basketball Dunk

Our Programs

The price includes coaching, practice gear, and basketballs for practice.

The game uniform has to be ordered and purchased.

Spring Base Development

U13/U12 & U11/U10 (Co-ed)

Mini Ball Academy (Co-ed)

The primary goal of the Base Development program is to develop the desire and habit to practice sports activities, as well as to develop basic motor skills.


A large part of the program is dedicated to fun games. The program is planned for boys and girls born from 2010 to 2015. The number of allowed registration for this program is limited to 24 boys and girls.


Practices are organized 4 times per week for U13/U12 (grade 7/6), 3 times per week for U11/10 (grade 5/4), and 2 times per week for Mini Ball (grade 3/2).

Spring Club Teams

U17 & U15 Girls, U16 & U15 Boys

Our team training concepts provide a professional level of coaching as well as great opportunities to compete at a high level both regionally and internationally behind scrimmages and tournament play. 


Each roster will have 24 athletes, where half players will play for U17 or U16 Elite teams, and the other half for U15 Develop teams. 


Develop teams (U14) will practice 3 times per week for 13 weeks. They will play in BB4ALL League, Okanagan, and a local tournament. Elite teams will play additional 5 Lower Mainland tournaments All practices will be at Oasis Church gym.


Local, Regional & Provincial

Our main goal is to provide a chance to all our players to participate in a high level of competition as a unique way to close the entire cycle of basketball education that our academy is offering. 

Participation in competitions challenges our athletes' level, and at the same time will give them the chance to achieve their ambitions through their sports success.


The main competitions that our team participates in the coming Spring Season are BB4ALL League games, one Okanagan, and five Lower Mainland tournaments. We will also participate in the local Kamloops Tournament (Hoops in the Loops).

Elite Workouts

Individual & Small Groups

Skills and Shooting Practices

Individual practices (1-2 players) and Small Group practices (3-6 players) are designed for talented athletes with ambition to pursue the sport further in the future.


Some of the elements that will be coached are: pivot and fakes in the reception of the ball, fakes in the dribble, different scoring techniques from penetration, jump shot (with photo analysis), low post techniques, 1-1 and Pick & Roll games.


The Shooting Gun Machine is used for shooting correction and automatization.

Easter ProCamps

Shooting Clinic | Fakes & Scoring

Bb4all Easter ProCamp is directed for players from the ages of 10 to 18 with the purpose of promoting and improving basketball on school breaks and holidays.


Fakes & Scoring Camp (March 27th - 31st) is a weekly program that offers the development of different fakes and scoring techniques. The weekly camp program has 20 hours divided into 10 practices. Shooting Clinic starts on March 23rd and ends on March 25th. This program has 10 hours divided into 5 practices. 

Our camp promotes learning how to use and apply techniques in real-game situations. 

Elite Teams

U17 Girls & U16 Boys

These select teams will have 12 female and 12 male invited players and they will have opportunities to compete at a high level with participation at the best tournaments organized by BC Basketball Events.


The Elite Teams will also play one Okanagan tournament, and two local tournament. These teams will practice 4 times per week, during 13 weeks, from Apr. 3rd to July 2nd.


Those players will have the possibility to do flexible Elite Workouts (strength, shooting, and skills) every morning before school classes.

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