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Fall Programs start on Sep 9th

Updated: Jul 5

Our Base Academy development programs are limited to 16 or 24 athletes (MiniBall Academy), and HS Clube Team programs are limited to 12 or 16 athletes

The Base Academy development programs are intended for beginners and the youngest students of our Academy. The primary goal is to develop the desire and habit to practice sports activities as well as the development of basic motor skills such as coordination, balance, agility... Part of the program is learning the basic basketball elements and basic basketball rules. A large part of the program is dedicated to fun games and competitions

It is not necessary to do a tryout for those programs, directed to El. School students:

  • MiniBall Co-ed | Grades 3/2

  • U11 Boys | Grades 5/4

  • U11 Girls | Grades 5/4

  • U12 Boys | Grade 6

  • U13 Girls | Grades 7/6

  • U13 Boys | Grade 7

During Fall season we will have the next H.S. teams:

  • U14 Boys | Grade 8

  • U15 Girls | Grades 9/8

  • U16 Boys | Grade 10/9

  • U17 Girls | Grade 11/10

  • U18 Boys | Grade 12/11

Our team training concepts provide a professional level of coaching as well as great opportunities to compete at a high level both regionally and provincially behind participation at B-BALL League games (Saturdays), BC Prime Sports tournaments, local tournaments and scrimmages.


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